The usual IVF cost for treatment

There are a few basic things that matter when you are going to choose your suitable fertility clinic, such as the qualification or expertise of the medical staff there, the reputation of the clinic, the location of the clinic and then unforgettably, the cost of IVF treatment at that clinic. Most health insurance plans still do not cover reproductive technology methods and therefore, the patient has to pay himself and bear all the costs. This could lead to added stress for the patient as well.

The best way to find out about low-cost IVF is by visiting more than 30 clinics all over the country. This way, you can distinguish between them and measure the difference between the costs as well. If you prefer to ask them through the online process or through the website, it will be difficult as most of the clinics do not have their pricing information published on their websites. It is always better to visit them in person and ask for their complete information. Some clinics also have relationships with the financial institutions who might provide financial assistance to you as well. Applying to them could be helpful too.


IVF Cost
IVF Cost

The standard cost of IVF treatment:

As per the regulations of the American Society of Reproductive Medicines, the average cost of IVF is approximately $12,400. The medications are part of this cost of IVF in USA. The clinics, which do not usually list this information on the cost of IVF, claim that the information is not that easy to understand whereas, in reality, they are pretty straight forward numbers that anyone can understand and comprehend. This is why it is recommended to the clinics to describe the process on their website so that their potential clients will not go to any other clinic in any misunderstanding. Without any sort of disclaimer or impedance, the breakdown for the cost of IVF treatment is:

  • The standard cost of the intrauterine insemination cycle is $865. While the average cost is $350.
  • In the in vitro fertilization process, including new embryos, the standard cost is $8,158 and the average cost is $7500.
  • The standard cost of the preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) is $3,550 and the average charges are $3,200.
  • The standard charges for the intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) are $1,544 and the average cost is $1,500.

**These figures may vary in your local area**


What could affect the IVF cost?

There are many additional factors, which also affect the IVF procedure cost, such as:

  • The cost of living of the people is so high that it does not get equalized with the treatment costs.
  • The prices for the ICSI vary from state to state. In some areas, the cost is in-between $1,000 to $1,500.
  • There are some areas in which the IVF treatment clinics are few and far between; therefore, their charges are higher.
  • The different areas have the varying prices for the test procedures, such as blood test, medicines, and sonogram.
  • In many places, you will find the IUI prices differing, starting from $275 to the $2,457.


How Much Does IVF Cost
How Much Does IVF Cost

Check a few facts:

While making the final decision towards choosing the suitable fertility clinic, you need to ask a few fact-checking questions. Certainly, here, we are concerned about the IVF cost, and then it is crucial that you have the answers of these questions, which are:

  • Is this clinic is offering any sort of psychological or financial counseling process? If it is, then will it be included in the overall cost of the treatment.
  • All the tests, consultation sittings, and medicines will be added in the total IVF cost for the treatment or not?


It is always better to get to know the overall cost of IVF treatment so that you will not get to face any issues later. When you ask the questions in advance, there are more chances that you will go through the process better and also be prepared to handle the IVF treatment cost with peace of mind.

Although, there are many low cost IVF treatments offered, the air of uncertainty always exists and makes us consider whether they are reliable or not. You never know about their procedure and the level of cleanliness / sterlization. You never know that low cost IVF facilities may have low profile medical staff, who may be lacking the proper experience or anything else. As long as you are unaware of the background of the low-cost fertility clinic, do not make any attempt to get your treatment from there.

The IVF cost is also different in other countries. For instance, the cost of IVF in USA is different from the cost of IVF in UK because of the availability of the medical fertility centers, medical insurances, government policies, etc. There are many reasons which affect the treatment in other countries.

Cost of IVF
Cost of IVF

You will also see that some clinics have their own fertility cost plans designed. These cost plans have various distinctive reasons and points why have they were made in such way. There are plans with the money back and no money back proposals too. The money back is often costly because when the procedure is successful, then you have to pay the additional sum of money, which is not refundable too.  Some clinics also have one standard fee that covers repeated IVF treatment until the medical team is successful.  It is hard to if this is a good option for your because this depends on whether they are successful on the first try or forth try (for example).  If successful on the first attempt, it would have been better to simply pay for that one IVF treatment.  If your biological situation required repeated attempts, it would be better to select the guaranteed program if available.

The medication cost for the IVF is usually depending upon the time period of intakes. If you are taking medicine for the normal duration, then they will cost around $1,500 and if it is for the longer period, then it will be higher, sometimes up to $5,000. If you have the insurance, then hopefully the medication will be covered without any issue but this is not always the case.  Be sure to check this with your insurance provider.

For all those couples who are looking for the fertility clinic without any insurance, they must be careful while choosing one. Go for the clinic which has trained staff and qualified fertility expert who will guide you throughout the procedure and will cover all of the treatment processes within the agreed upon IVF treatment cost.