The Egg Donation Process

Every married couple wants to have a child and growing them with love. Due to some natural reasons, it happens sometimes that the woman is unable to perform the conceiving process. In that case, the woman can get pregnant with the eggs of another woman, which is called the egg donation process.


Here, one thing has to be taken care of that all the donors are in between 18 to 25 years old with the proper health. These donors are willing to help these mothers and because of that, they also have to go through a series of medical test, which could be really difficult. The egg donation UK is a very popular and successful method through which many women are finding the happiness of motherhood.


Not only that the married straight couples would want to have children, but gay and single men can also apply to have the egg donation. In such cases, the semen of the men is used who wishes to raise the baby.


Getting an egg donation could be of following reasons. For instance:

  • A woman could face an early menopause and due to which she is unable to start her own family. In that case, she can take the donor’s help and get pregnant.
  • Since birth, all the eggs that woman will need to give birth are present in her ovaries. These egg ages with her so when she ages, her eggs as well. After 35, the pregnancy could get difficult and her eggs would occur a problem.
  • For many unknown reasons, it is sometimes getting difficult for the women to get pregnant or face issues with their pregnancy.
  • The ovaries could get affected by any disease and thus, harming the eggs. Some women do not have the ovaries as well, which results in taking the donation from the other woman.


Egg Donation Process
Egg Donation Process – Doctor discussing egg donation with couple

The Egg Donation Process (continued):

As discussed previously that egg donation is also not an easy process for the donor. The fertility specialist is the one who perform the egg donation and it is performed in the proper fertility clinic. The egg donors are usually recruited and they are thoroughly tested. The egg donation requirements are that the candidate must be in the twenties and must not involve in any harmful activity, such as smoking, drugs, alcohol, etc. She must not have the genetic disease record in her family. Consequently, she must be in good health.

Mostly, the egg donor is anonymous, but parents’ request to meet them because they want the person to have the same eye color, hairs, and complexion so that the child will look exactly like his or her parents.


As the egg donation procedure moves forward, the egg donor has to go through the health viewing test in which they have to show that whether they are mentally and physically able to donate the eggs. There are the blood tests, pelvic test, pregnancy test, check up of the hormone level, check up to find out the appearance of any transmittable disease.

The procedure continues for the six to three weeks as long as the eggs are completely obtained. The hormone therapy is given to the donor and the recipient so that they get along in the exact offspring cycle.

During that, the donor will be injecting the follicle accelerating hormone process, which will enable her ovaries to produce the mature eggs for the discharge. The whole process of egg extraction is done under the anesthetization and it takes approximately 20 minutes. Checking out the procedure in ultrasound, the eggs are taken out from the follicles of the both ovaries by a thin and long needle.

Egg Donation Procedure
Egg Donation Procedure – Embryologist processing sperm sample

Later on, after the eggs are extracted, they are inserted with the prepared sperm. Under monitoring, these eggs reach to the fertilization and they get to the blastocyst level. These kinds of fertilize eggs are able to create their own nutrients and they are then transmitted into the recipient’s uterus and then implanted into the uterine wall. This process is completed within a week.


How much it is going to cost you?

Nothing comes for free and this is the thing, which means a lot to you. The egg donation companion is dependent from case to case.  It will range from $4,000 to $10,000. On the other hand, there could be some egg donors who have previously taken part in this process or who have got some exceptional qualities, they will be charged extra high. The recipient will be responsible for paying the costs and expenses of the donor’s medical checkup, transportation, and hotel cost, if any. The egg donation NYC and egg donation Atlanta almost costs the same prices as they come under the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM).


Egg Donation Risks
What are the risks of egg donation?

What are the risks of egg donation?

Everything that is done in another way to nature has some risks attached to it. The egg donation risks are also present there when you are talking about making a donation. It is always recommended to consult your fertility physician when you are going to make an egg donation. The very rare, but possible risks attached to it are:

  • Due to the usage of antibiotics, you may get the allergic issues.
  • The expanded ovary will result in twisting while performing any abdominal related activity.
  • With the usage of fertility drugs, you may come across the issues like a headache, psychological distress, Ovarian Hyper-Stimulation Syndrome, weight gain, etc.
  • Due to the ultrasound, you may need to get the minor surgery procedures.


Where are the egg donation clinics working?

The egg donation process is becoming very popular among the people who cannot conceive. The egg donation South Africa is gaining popularity too and patients are seeing positive results out from the procedure. The egg donation Australia has a great number of donors and recipients available who wants to become parents and have children.

With all these advancements in the medical field, the egg donation is the most amazing achievement, which is spreading happiness and hope among those couples who wants to have the children of their own and the fertility centers are working hard to turn it into the reality.