Natural IVF: Creating Blessings Without the Needles

In the early days, if a woman couldn’t bear a child then she would have to remain without one all her life. People were deprived of the blessing and if they tried to approach any fertility center it turned out to be too expensive for them. Not everyone could afford that. But with the world revolution, science and technology took a step ahead and came out with an effective and bearable technique which is the Natural IVF technology. Now lots of IVF clinics have introduced this for the patients who are willing to go for a healthy baby with the all-natural cycle treatment. Everyone is now familiar with this impeccable treatment and women who are deprived of having a child can now try this and increase their chances of happiness.

How Natural IVF cycle works?

Natural IVF CycleWondering how this natural IVF stuff works? This is quite similar to the traditional IVF treatment, but it is performed without any use of the fertility drugs. The natural cycle IVF is carried out with the use of eggs produced naturally by the ovaries. This natural production does not involve any kind of fertility drug as the process is entirely done on the basis of the ability of the individual and its body to produce the eggs on its own. With the help of this natural egg producing process and no use of fertility drugs, it becomes a lot easier for the patient to handle and still benefit from the successful results.

The natural process stimulates the ovary to produce multiple eggs. In some cases, a small amount of medication is also used to avoid ovulation. The natural cycle of the patient is examined through ultrasounds and blood tests to detect the growing follicle which is dominant. Then the egg retrieval process is performed when the dominant follicle turns into the size that is required. After this, the same IVF procedure is performed and the egg is taken to the laboratory for fertilization. If the embryo continues to grow, it is then transferred back to the uterus of the patient again, just like the traditional IVF method. With the ease and convenience, and not to forget the affordability, it is gaining the attention of hopeful parents around the world.

Role of the natural killer cells in IVF

The failure of pregnancy or miscarriage happens due to the hormonal issues, embryos with genetic defects, uterus abnormalities or due to the aging eggs. These factors can be responsible for attacking the embryo acting as the foreign bodies. If a patient goes through two or more attempts of the natural cycle IVF and fails three times, they should not lose hope. IVF surely increases the chances of getting pregnant but failing at the first attempt doesn’t mean that you can never conceive. Women with failure even after three attempts have further tried with natural cycle and have succeeded.

But what causes the failure? The Alan E Beer Center for Reproduction Immunology in San Francisco came to the conclusion that this may be due to the overdrive immune system. By conducting blood tests, it can be proven that the unusually high level of natural killer cells IVF cause it to fail. These cells are responsible for killing cancer from developing and other harmful antibodies but in the case of IVF, they have been responsible in attacking the embryo. So, this was the conclusion that the high level of natural killer cells were distracting the embryo from growing, leading to miscarriage or failure.

Can women have a natural pregnancy after failing IVF?

Even after a few attempts if you have failed the natural cycle, it does not mean that you can never have a baby. It is still possible to go for natural pregnancy after failed IVF and make the impossible possible again. In the early 2000’s, there was a study conducted in France that collected information on 2,100 couples that had started fertility treatment.  Out of the 2,100 total couples, roughly 1,300 of them successfully had a child with the help of IVF treatment.  Almost a decade later, that same population of couples were asked if they, by chance, had a baby on their own, without any medical assistance. The results are quite surprising.  From the group that successfully had a baby, 17% (221) of the couples had a baby on their own. What is even more astounding, is that from the group of couples that had a failed IVF attempt, 24% (192) happily welcomed a “spontaneous baby” in the years that followed. Do not lose hope! A failed attempt at IVF is not the end so keep trying if that is still your dream. Is Natural cycle IVF affordable?

The average cost of IVF in the traditional method costs anywhere from $7,000 to $15,000 for a single attempt. If you fail at the first attempt and have to go for the second one or another after that then imagine where the estimated prices travels within just a matter of three attempts. The natural IVF cost is drastically less for the women who are seeking benefit from this treatment, as there are no medications involved A rough estimate for the natural IVF cost would $1,500 to $2,000 in most clinics, however this can certainly vary. As you can see from the numbers, you can attempt several rounds of natural IVF for less than the cost of IVF in the traditional process.

Natural Cycle IVF Success Rates Natural Cycle IVF Success Rates

Now the pregnancy rate with IVF is much higher than it was in the previous ten years. Natural cycle IVF success rates vary with every passing year. Every doctor has its new experience with the natural IVF treatment and this results in increasing the success rates. Even after the failed attempts, there is still an 80% chance that a woman still might conceive the child.

So if your doctor tells you there is no chance that you can have a baby then he might not be a very good specialist in your area. Every year, women experience blissful results by going for the natural IVF treatment and increasing their chances of having a baby. This is the best treatment for women who do not want any fertility drug to go inside their bodies for conceiving a baby. If you still long to have a child but want to avoid traditional IVF, possibly due to the strong fertility drugs or heavy cost of IVF, and also are not yet considering egg donation, natural IVF may be the perfect solution for you.  As always, consult your medical team for guidance as to what is best for you and your health.